This site is a response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

While the pandemic has meant that we have had to shift a majority of our operations online, we are continuing to think and act in line with a redistributive and decolonial ethos.


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The sudden absence of material social space has meant that we’ve had to rethink the ways we can support the mutual dependencies that allow us to learn, grow, operate and cohabitate. We undertand the arts to be a site in which social discourse and criticism can be encouraged to this effect and wish to continue those efforts here.

On this site you can find our more about the groups we work with, what they’re up to, as well as ways to support and to be supported by them. There’s also a list of funding resources that have been available in response to COVID-19, access to materials from our digital programme and a space to watch our live streamed events.

Matthew Arthur Williams


Matthew Arthur Williams(b. 1989 London) is a visual & sound artist, freelance photographer and DJ. Living and working in Glasgow.

Matthew’s work, which takes a multi-disciplinary approach sits to continuously encourage different narratives of and is primarily interested in the documentation of black existence and resistance, specifically here in the UK. As a DJ they have coordinated multiple events in Glasgow's night spaces and is a regular host on Glasgow-based radio station, Clydebuilt Radio.