This site is a response to the recent Covid-19 pandemic. 

While the pandemic has meant that we have had to shift a majority of our operations online, we are continuing to think and act in line with a redistributive and decolonial ethos.


1.1. Autonomous Groups
1.2. Resource List


2.1. What’s Ahead, What’s Known
2.2 Free School
2.3 Fi Dem III: Ancestral Interference
2.4. Live

The sudden absence of material social space has meant that we’ve had to rethink the ways we can support the mutual dependencies that allow us to learn, grow, operate and cohabitate. We undertand the arts to be a site in which social discourse and criticism can be encouraged to this effect and wish to continue those efforts here.

On this site you can find our more about the groups we work with, what they’re up to, as well as ways to support and to be supported by them. There’s also a list of funding resources that have been available in response to Covid-19, access to materials from our digital programme and a space to watch our live streamed events.



Transmission’s physical home, 28 King Street, has historically been used and shared by a number of groups, collectives and peoples whose existence and whose work is vital for so many of us. Whilst we can’t share physical space right now as we usually would, there are still ways for us to share resources. Follow the links and read the information below for some more info on the ongoing activities of these groups.

1.1. Autonomous Groups

Transmission has been working with, around, and for a number of autonomous activist and community groups [see: With loving resistance (2019)]. We open up 28 King Street to be utilised for meetings, fundraisers and to facilitate public and private events for these groups. Since the ramifications of Covid-19 has disallowed access to the space, we have worked with these groups to provide some space that can redirect you to more information. Below you can find information on what these groups are up to, how to support them and how to be supported by them.


The Unity Centre    MORE    Ubuntu Women’s Shelter

a black and white photograph of the unity centre

The Unity Centre gives practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland. We also support anyone detained in any UK Detention Centres. The Centre is run by the Unity Centre Collective. We are No Borders. We believe everyone should have freedom of movement. Our office is based in Glasgow, less than 100 metres from the Home Office. Anyone who is required to sign at the Home Office reporting centre on Brand Street can stop by our office on their way to sign into our signing book. This means we can act quickly if anyone gets detained by the Home Office. We try to share information and training about the asylum process so that we can all be better informed about the system.The Unity Centre is an organisation than has been run completely by volunteers since it began 11 years ago, with an office open 5 days a week and a 24hr phoneline. We consciously receive no public or government funding, and are entirely dependent on donations from our supporters.


Volunteer  Donate  Casework  Translators

two people holding a piece of paper with migrant demands written on it

A group of migrants and members of the community campaigning for the right to work, study, good housing and to be treated with dignity.
In response to the differing needs of our communities during the outbreak of COVID 19, we (MORE, The Unity Centre and Maslows Commuity Shop-Govan ) are raising funds to support our communities that are currently experiencing the asylum system with a monthly minimum of a £10.00 phone top up and £30.00 shopping foreseeable future.

As most interacting is done virtually during this unprecedent lock-down, we know very well that many of our friends don't have any access to smartphone or mobile contracts and rely solely on pay as you go to stay connected.


Fundraiser for phone top-ups  

two people sharing a community meal

Ubuntu Women Shelter is a Glasgow based charity dedicated to meeting emergency and short term accommodation needs of women who are destitute with no recourse to public funds. We are the first service in the UK run and managed by people with lived experience of migration, asylum and destitution. We are in direct resistance to the hostile environment and have an ethos of no borders and refuse to consent to the current border regime. Our services include hosting women, referrals and advocacy and are designed to meet the unique emotional and psychological needs of women excluded from homelessness and welfare services and housing. We welcome women with failed asylum claim, who have been granted refugee status but destitute and awaiting support and housing. Our services are open to and welcome cis gender, non-binary, queer, trans people and sex workers. We welcome women from all faiths and religious persuasions. We need volunteers, donations and funding in order to acquire an asset to open our first dedicated night shelter and need volunteers to offer hosting to women in their homes.


Donate  Charity album

1.2. Resource List

This is a compilation of resources and funds made available due to these (Covid-19) times, however it’s important to note some of these resources have b e e n existing. We’re trying to keep it as relevant as possible however feel free to let us know if an update is needed. Also, if there are any you think should be up here that aren’t then let us know and we can try and get it sorted.





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Mental health support
Mental Health Foundation
Free resources on looking after your mental health
Mental health support
The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network
UK psychological support informed by intersectionality
Mental health support
Counselling for Black People, PoC, and Indigenous People 
Mental health support
Black Minds Matter
Mental health support for black people in the UK 
Crisis support
Glasgow Helps
Directory of community support in Glasgow
Free food provision
Urban Roots
Map of free food parcels and free meals in Glasgow
General aid
Glasgow Mutual Aid
Request form for help from Glasgow Mutual Aid network
Creative Scotland
Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development (for individuals)
Creative Scotland
Open Fund: Sustaining Creative Development (for organisations)
Creative Scotland
Bridging Bursary
Screen Scotland
Bridging Bursary  
Visual Arts Scotland
The Emergency Art Workers Fund
British Fashion Council
BFC Foundation Fashion fund for the Covid Crisis
Sex Worker Advocacy & Resistance Movement
SWARM Hardship Fund [PAUSED]
Mad Covid
Mad Covid Hardship Fund
Arts Council England
Emergency Funding Package
The Film and TV Charity
COVID-19 Emergency Relief Grant
Dance Professionals Fund
The Dancer's Hardship Fund