This site is a response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

While the pandemic has meant that we have had to shift a majority of our operations online, we are continuing to think and act in line with a redistributive and decolonial ethos.


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The sudden absence of material social space has meant that we’ve had to rethink the ways we can support the mutual dependencies that allow us to learn, grow, operate and cohabitate. We undertand the arts to be a site in which social discourse and criticism can be encouraged to this effect and wish to continue those efforts here.

On this site you can find our more about the groups we work with, what they’re up to, as well as ways to support and to be supported by them. There’s also a list of funding resources that have been available in response to COVID-19, access to materials from our digital programme and a space to watch our live streamed events.

Clarinda Tse

Clarinda Tse, Under Toes Cream Dream (2021), Interactive webpage


An unpruned set of text revisited and generated in Spring 2020.

: : : : / /

/: / : / : : : Finding glue in the fragmented processes, thoughts are loosely compiled into an experimental archive with cells, rows and columns. In the transient space of the digital, these texts are stored, remembered, staring back, floating, randomly selected by the program. Boids, which is an artificial life program, simulating the flocking behaviour of birds, is used for the movement of the texts.

// : / / / / / / / / / : / /

: : :: : : : : : : : : : : : : :


I am pondering on the potential of an autonomous language. Do the compositions have their own values? How do we perceive moving piles of complexities? I also enjoy some of the opaque codes that are inserted, finding some form of comfort. The text vibrates and loose muscles become tight or warmed up. Thinking of this space as a bed, cream dreams arrive, stay, below the ocean is ground.

__...--..__..__ . /

/ . . / / __..--..

Text content & concept: Clarinda Tse

Digital design: Kate Frances Lingard, Niall Tessier-Lavigne, & Rebecca Gill

2020 leaking into 2021 '} )


Please click here to access.

Design: Francis Dosoo


Clarinda Tse is an interdisciplinary artist, listener, facilitator, movement practitioner, Hong-Kong born and Glasgow-based. She works across being a sofa barnacle and a mutating muscle and is currently a committee member of Market Gallery, Glasgow.

Tactility being the inspiration for exploration, she connects with other-than human lifeforms and objects, finding creativity in shifting materiality and textures, experimenting with potentially edible materials. Refractive bodies, opacity, mesh, flexibility, orientation, mass, moulding, fractals, stillness, waves and weave form some of her sensual language. Honouring intuition and dreams, the making and the viewing are multi-layered and open-ended. She interacts with slipperiness, exploring tension in relation to appearance and actualisation, marking diasporic conditions in scattered times. Through these processes, finding aliveness in symbiotic existence.

Her work has been supported by: Present Futures, online (2021); The Work Room Artist Research Bursary, Glasgow, U.K. (2020-21); Create: Inclusion Residency, Bothy Project and Transmission, Glasgow, U.K. (2020-21); Studio Projects, Market Gallery, Glasgow, U.K.(2019).