Transmission is pleased to present Zinzi Minott’s solo exhibition 


“It’s not your fault. None of us stood a fucking chance of ever outrunning this system of racism, even on your happiest days in your most successful moments in your most joyful stages of your life, that force is still active within you. It is not  in lieu of happiness, it lives with happiness.”

BLOODSOUND features newly commissioned works of prints, moving image, sound and sculpture expanding from Minott’s durational film work(s) FI DEM - released annually on the 22nd June to commemorate the Windrush Generation. 

“This [work] is to illustrate what the experience of being racialised is and it is an Atlantic slave trade on your face, it is a water triangle, it is almost a brand, and you walk with that as Black people.”

19th FEB 2022 - 14th MAY 2022.

If you want to come and say hello at the opening on the 18th February from 18:00 - 21:00, please RSVP so we can follow covid-capacity guidelines.

Come to our after-opening drinks at Mono on the 18th February from 9:00 - 11:00 pm. Enjoy tunes from local mix sensation Junglehussi !



Zinzi Minott’s work focuses on the relationship between dance, bodies and politics. Zinzi  explores how dance is perceived through the prisms of race, queer culture, gender and class. She is specifically interested in the place of Black women’s body within the form.

As a dancer and filmmaker, she seeks to complicate the boundaries of dance seeing her live performance, filmic explorations and objects a different, but connected manifestations of dance and body based outcomes and enquiry.

Zinzi  is interested in ideas of broken narrative, disturbed lineage, and how the use of the glitch can help us to consider notions of racism one experiences through the span of a Black life. She is specifically interested in telling Caribbean stories and highlighting the histories of those enslaved and the resulting migration of the Windrush Generation.


Poster: Image Designed by Zinzi Minott and Isabel Barfod x Produced by Isabel Barfod.

Trailer: Director: Zinzi Minott x Editor & Animator: Isabel Barfod.


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